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Feb 8 2014

Jul 11 2013

Aug 6 2012


I’m kinda not sure how I feel about this season of Breaking Bad?


but then you think about it… counting the most recent episode, we have just seen 1 year of walter white’s story. we will see another year before the end of this season. let’s do the math with this handy vulture article:

season one   = 7 weeks, 3 days (7 episodes)
season two   = 15 weeks, 3 days  (13 episodes) 
season three = 15 weeks, 4 days  (13 episodes) 
season four   = 14 weeks, 3 days (13 episodes)
 adding up to  ~52 weeks

during the flash forward in this season’s opener he makes a 52 with his bacon in the diner..  walt just turned 51 in yesterday’s episode. soooo:

season five   = 52(+?) weeks (16 episodes)

lkajsdlksa there is so much to be crammed into 12 episodes

Jun 4 2012

Fuck yes. 


Fuck yes. 

(via brain-burner)

Feb 21 2012

Community’s coming back. i’m happy now

fuck. yes.


Community’s coming back. i’m happy now

fuck. yes.

Nov 9 2010

am i uncool

for actually enjoying this season of the office?

don’t get me wrong, i was wholly prepared to hate it.. but i think its the best season in three years.

Nov 5 2010

Sep 24 2010

Sep 23 2010

Jul 7 2010

shows i still need to start/finish:

(no particular order)

spaced - simon pegg? sign me up. have not started.

carnivale - hbo show about a circus in the great depression… yes please. haven’t started.

six feet under - michael c hall is the SHIT! i watched maybe 3 episodes like 2 years ago soo i’m going to file this under ‘have not started’.

the wire - uhh totally didn’t know this was on hbo. need to start.

deadwood - color me dork but i love historical fiction.. and after finishing red dead redemption, i need to go out west again soon. need to finish the last few episodes of season 1 tho…

i can’t decide if i want to make myself watch friends.. i think i know that i could do it-  i just dont want to do it until its the only option i have left. 

sooo any others i’m leaving out?